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  • WEIDAN - Vegetarian Instant Noodles [1 Piece]

"The perfect noodles for Vegetarian people who like Instant noodles"

 Healthy and delicious veggies noodles 


1 Pack/ 80g

Made in Taiwan 


180 days

★Nutrition label★

Every 100 grams

 proteins ------------ 10.9 g

   fat ------------ 25.8 grams

Saturated fat-----------14.3 grams

Trans fat----------- 0 grams

Carbohydrate ------------ 56.5 grams

Sodium ------------1460 mg

*nutrition label data can slightly different from the package.

How to Cook

   1. Put noodles into 20.3oz (600ml) boiling water.

   3. Put the seasoning on the noodle and stir.

   4.Wait for 5 minutes.

   5. Enjoy it.


Noodles: flour, tapioca, palm oil, salt, flavor, flavor, quality improver, emulsifier for surface, sodium alginate, Guanhua bean gum, antioxidant

Seasoning powder: salt, flavoring, dehydrated carrot, spice, dehydrated shiitake, dehydrated sensitive bean, dehydrated cabbage, seaweed seedling, hydrolyzed vegetable protein

Seasoning oil pack: palm oil, soy sauce, vegetarian sand tea sauce, sesame oil, soybean oil

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WEIDAN - Vegetarian Instant Noodles [1 Piece]

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